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Canada is rich in history and culture, with numerous organizations dedicated to preserving and promoting our heritage. Whether you have questions about heritage properties, need assistance with designated properties, or are looking for funding opportunities, the following organizations at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels can provide valuable support:




National Government

Provincial Government

Municipal Government

These organizations have extensive knowledge and expertise in heritage preservation and can provide guidance on a wide range of topics. Whether you are a property owner, a history enthusiast, or a community organization, reaching out to these organizations can help you navigate the world of heritage in Canada.

Additionally, some of these organizations offer funding programs to support heritage projects. Be sure to check their websites or contact them directly for more information on available funding opportunities.

Remember, our heritage is a valuable asset that deserves to be cherished and protected. By engaging with these organizations, you can contribute to the preservation and celebration of Canada's history and cultural heritage.

If you have additional organizations to add, please let us know by emailing or drop us a message in the chat (bottom right icon).