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About Us

Heritage Properties of Canada (HPOC) is an entrepreneurial initiative aimed at raising awareness of heritage property and historical topics in Canada while providing an informative and visual experience for visitors.  The website is focused on the appreciation of Canadian heritage properties, including homes, lands and parks, commercial buildings, public structures, and personal property such as vehicles, antiques and collectibles.

We regularly publish well-researched articles on the diverse heritage of Canada, in English and increasingly in French. Our goal is to make the site fully bilingual. We also feature video tours of heritage places.  In the next section we describe how revenue is made on this site.

We welcome and publish a diversity of perspectives on Canada's history, while maintaining a factual basis for our work and emphasizing our country's traditions of freedom and democracy.  Canada's past evokes many different feelings and memories, ranging from sad to joyful. Just like the present, the past is never perfect. However, ignoring or dismissing it out of hand means losing out on what it has to offer for living in today's world, whether it is learning to do things better, appreciating how well things were done, or seeing how some methods may have been lost over time, for better or worse.

Please feel free to comment on our articles, especially if you think the facts involved need to be corrected or improved. Note that the opinions expressed by authors are not necessarily shared by us. 

Our Store

Our e-store emphasizes Canadian-made gifts and products, both new and vintage. Artisans and manufacturers from across Canada, as well as from international locations, will have their works featured on HPOC.  Antiques will also become an important collection, available in a décor-ready state.  The HPOC store is a truly unique shopping experience! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be informed about store specials and sales.

If you're an artisan or product maker who would like to sell in our store, you can download this how-to guide, review, and email us if you're interested to proceed. We look forward to hearing from you!

HPOC has also created an original product – Canadian Vistas Ambient Nature Videos  a streaming service showcasing awe-inspiring footage of our country’s great natural spaces, offered for a nominal monthly subscription fee. The videos are artful and help with relaxation.  We will have a research report completed soon summarizing studies about how viewing nature videos can be restorative and relaxing, and help with overall well-being. If you enjoy what we're doing, please consider subscribing!

Who We Are

We're a married couple and business partners, who have lived in Alberta, BC and now Ontario. We are patriotic Canadians, who believe in the dream of a prosperous and peaceful multicultural Canada. We have owned several heritage homes, and our personal appreciation for heritage and history, as well as professional experience in the field of historical research, is what led us to create this website.

HPOC is an initiative of our company Link ARC (Link Advantage Research Corp.), located in Eastern Ontario. Since 2009 the company has provided historical research to clients, and in 2019 began producing

Thanks for visiting!  We hope you enjoy exploring the HPOC website.

Lori Ann Sanche and David Senger

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