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Canadian Vistas Ambient Nature Videos

Enjoy this month's free video of beautiful Kootenay Plains, Alberta!

Canada is full of amazing natural spaces, but it sure would take a huge travel budget to reach them all!  HPOC has an answer -- our nature video streaming service at an incredibly low price.  Experience gushing waterfalls, calm prairie lakes, dazzling sunsets, towering mountains -- with new videos by Canadian professional videographers added monthly.  

And enjoy learning more about your country, as each video comes with a description of the place's history and geography!  

Unlimited streaming of scenic HD and 4K videos on any TV or digital device with an internet browser.  Great for relaxation, ambience, workspace enhancement or armchair travel.


Free 14-day trial, and then only $8 per month or $88 per year.  
Cancel anytime.  It also makes a great gift! 
Click here to go directly to the Canadian Vistas streaming website.