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Welcome to Heritage Properties of Canada!

Posted by HPOC Staff on

Heritage Properties of Canada (HPOC) is an entrepreneurial initiative aimed at raising awareness of heritage property topics in Canada while providing an informative and visual experience for visitors.  The website is focused on the appreciation of Canadian heritage properties, including homes, lands and parks, commercial buildings, public structures, and personal property such as vehicles, antiques and collectibles.

We regularly publish well-researched articles on the diverse heritage of Canada, in English and occasionally in French.  Our goal is to make the site fully bilingual. We also feature some video tours of heritage places.

Plus, HPOC has created an original product – Canadian Vistas Ambient Nature Videos, a streaming service showcasing awe-inspiring footage of our country’s great natural spaces, offered for a monthly subscription fee. 

Our soon to be opened e-store will provide Canadian-made heritage-style gifts and products, both new and vintage.  Artisans and manufacturers from across Canada will have their works featured on HPOC.  Antiques will also become an important collection, available in a décor-ready state.  The HPOC store will be a truly unique shopping experience! 

HPOC is an initiative of our company Link ARC (Link Advantage Research Corp.), located in Ottawa.  Since 2009 the company has provided historical research to a variety of clients.  Now Link ARC is expanding to include a communication department, which is responsible for publishing this website.

Thanks for visiting!  We hope you enjoy exploring the HPOC website.

Lori Ann Sanche and David Senger