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More than Money


Swiss Edelweiss Village Foundation

More than Money

Posted by HPOC Staff on

Edelweiss Village in Golden BC, Canada, is the historic home of the famous Rocky Mountain Swiss Guides. In 2021, the entire village property was put up for sale and was at risk for demolition. If this happened, one of the last remaining links to the golden age of Canadian mountaineering, and its Swiss-Canadian heritage, could have been lost. Fortunately, the Swiss Edelweiss Village Foundation has managed to secure the property. Working with significant financial limitations, how is this non-profit heritage organization managing to succeed? For the potential answer, and a description of this significant village/past, see our latest HPOC article by Stephen Robbins, researcher-writer. For this article, he spoke to Dr. Ilona Spaar, co-founder of the Swiss Edelweiss Village Foundation.

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